October 2020

ADB 2020 – Software Release

ADB 2020 is a major software release with new features and functions:

  1. Component models, brands and suppliers added to ADB Explorer and Revit.
  2. Graphical Editor DXF export now includes walls/enclosures.
  3. Revit project specific family library.
  4. AutoCAD project specific C-Sheet output folders and templates.
  5. Extended Notes fields for Microsoft SQL Server based projects.
  6. Support for AutoCAD and Revit 2021.

This has been released as a two part download, upgrading users will need part one, new users will need both parts.

ADB Revit Library – Version 4

The Revit Library has been updated to Revit 2018 and all families now have the full ADB component parameters added to them.

This is a five part download.