ADB – Computer workstation examples, v1

We have put together a package of Assemblies of IT components in computer workstation configurations, dual 17″ or 27″ screen options, with optional alternatives with phone and printer.

Please note these have been kept separate from the main ADB data set releases.

This is version one of the package; compatible for all versions of ADB.

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ADB 2017 – Dataset

Activity Database 2017 is a data release incorporating HBN 03-01 Mental Health, a review of several HBN/HTM guidance documents. This covers 51No. Schedules of Accommodation based on guidance, with 752No. Exemplar room datasheets and layouts.

ADB P21+ Dataset

ADB 21+ dataset is an ADB compatible project representing the procure 21 repeatable rooms, these exemplar layouts can be used with AutoCAD and Revit, all support versions.

** This Dataset is only a representation of P21 and does not reflect current guidance.

Stirling Medical – Dataset

The Stirling Medical dataset is an ADB project representing a selection of the Stirling Medical catalogue;

  • over 200 accurate components that are currently available
  • 25 exemplar room layouts for repetitive rooms:
    • Clean Utilities
    • Ward Store rooms
    • Receptions
    • Anaesthetic Room
    • Dirty Utilities
    • Ward Pantry
    • Typical 4-bed Ward
    • Catheter Laboratory
    • Pathology Laboratory
© 2017 Stirling Medical Ltd.

ADB 20.4v2

Activity Database 20.4v2 is a major dataset release, with 301 Schedules of HBN/HTM covering 1347 exemplar spaces.

Please be advised that this dataset is dated and should be used with discretion.