Q. What database software does ADB use ?

MS Access: principally for single user applications/projects or small networks, 32bit environments and/or briefing only based projects.
MS SQL Server: suitable for enterprise‐wide solutions requiring simultaneous access for multiple users, for 64bit environments using Autodesk products.

** Please note Microsoft SQL Server is required for 64bit installations of Autodesk AutoCAD/Revit.

Q. What are the system requirements for ADB ?

Minimum hardware: Pentium III or above, 512 Mb RAM, 500 Mb disk space, depending on size of projects. If an external CAD system is to be used with ADB these specifications will need to be increased in line with that system’s recommendations.

Q. Will it work with Autodesk LT products ?

Unfortunately, there is no API in the LT version of the Autodesk products which means ADB will not be able to interface with it; only the full versions have the API.