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ADB 2018/2019 – HF#20191010

This is for ADB 2018/2019 to fix a Microsoft SQL Server connection issue.

For users with SQL Server 2008 R2 when creating new project or list of available SQL databases.

By downloading this package you are accepting the Licence Agreement and you indicate acceptance of the limited warranty and limitation of liability set out in the
Activity Database (ADB)
End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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October 2019

Software + Hot fixes

ADB hot fix (HF#20190718) is for all versions of Revit covering ADB 2018/2019 – this is a fix for updating from Revit.

Revit Update packages

Three additional update packages of re-drawn Revit families have been uploaded, this is to update the existing ADB standard library with native drawn Revit families. – this is compatible for Revit 2016 and above.

IHEEM – Healthcare Estates Conference 2019 (Manchester)

We will be attending the conference, please contact us to arrange to meet with us during the two days.

Hot Fixes – Feb 2019

Hot fixes round up for ADB 2018.

HF#20190204 – Fixes an issue when using filters for collaborative working, affects Revit users on 2018 and 2019. – hot fix has no prerequisites.

HF#20190208 – Fixes an issue for Component Instance Data with MS Access projects, affects users setting dynamic/stretched length values. – hot fix has no prerequisites.

HF#20190219 – Fixes an issue for Where-Used component reports with SQL Licencing, only affects users that have switched to SQL Licensing. – hot fix has no prerequisites.

ADB 2018 – Windows 10 Installation fails to complete


During the installation of ADB 2018 on a clean build of Windows 10 files fail to register with the system.

  1. ADBOLE32.dll
  2. ADBEditor.ocx

with HRESULT -2147010895. Contact your support personnel.

Users that have ignored the unregistered components issue will find that they are caught in an infinite login loop.


A Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 runtime dependency is missing from the Windows installation, the dependency could be installed from any other software package or an earlier Windows Update.

The dependency may also be present from users upgrading to Windows 10 from any other version of Microsoft Windows.

The dependency is not distributed on Windows Update for clean builds of Windows 10.


Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable package from Microsoft,


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