September 2021

ADB 2021 – Software Release

ADB 2021: features an updated graphical editor, together with support for the latest version of SAP Crystal Reports.

ADB 2021 now integrates with both Revit 2022 and AutoCAD 2022.

Enhanced Revit functionality now incorporates the following: Area Mismatch, Room Data Sheet preview and the option to save room height in addition to area.

Incorporated within ADB 2021 is the ability for ADB 2020 users to now use the latest version of SAP Crystal Reports seamlessly.

ADB 2021 includes an updated Revit Library.

ADB 2020 – Dataset

Updated Dataset release

ADB2020 Dataset is now the default dataset.

This updated dataset incorporates the ADB2017 dataset together with isolation and bariatric exemplars.

All assemblies and components present in ADB20.4V2 are incorporated resulting in a complete assembly total of in excess of 1000 and a united component library of 3000+

The ADB dataset is always intended as a generic start point for any project and whilst we understand many clients tailor it for more specific delivery it is our intention moving forward to continue the development and maintain the integrity of the initial dataset within ADB wherever possible.

January 2021 COVID-19

During this latest period of countrywide lockdown due to COVID-19, the Talon office at
Leaton Knolls will remain closed to visitors.

All sales and support activities will continue to be provided online.

ADB training  together with a number of client workshops will be provided via MS Teams as required.

Many thanks to all our clients for your understanding and please remain safe in these testing times.

October 2020

ADB 2020 – Software Release

ADB 2020 is a major software release with new features and functions:

  1. Component models, brands and suppliers added to ADB Explorer and Revit.
  2. Graphical Editor DXF export now includes walls/enclosures.
  3. Revit project specific family library.
  4. AutoCAD project specific C-Sheet output folders and templates.
  5. Extended Notes fields for Microsoft SQL Server based projects.
  6. Support for AutoCAD and Revit 2021.

This has been released as a two part download, upgrading users will need part one, new users will need both parts.

ADB Revit Library – Version 4

The Revit Library has been updated to Revit 2018 and all families now have the full ADB component parameters added to them.

This is a five part download.

July 2020

ADB 2019 – SP1

ADB 2019 – SP1 includes various bug fixes and provides additional functionality, users can now add models/brands/suppliers data and scripts to update Microsoft SQL Server ADB databases for this update.

Bariatric Exemplars

A 5No. room package of standard ADB spaces giving examples of bariatric equipment.

Although every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of guidance, please note that this example is for information only and all legislative data must be checked by the user prior to  its use in a live project.

The ADB data set is compatible for ALL versions of ADB, including Data Sheet and layouts supporting AutoCAD users and can be downloaded from the Data categories download.

The Revit model is compatible for Revit 2016 and above and can be downloaded from the Revit categories download.


June 2020

ADB:Revit – Update Packages

Additional update packages of re-drawn Revit families have been uploaded, this is to update the existing ADB standard library with native drawn Revit families. – this is compatible for Revit 2016 and above.

ADB:Revit – V3 Full Library 2016

V3 incorporates all previous update packages.

This is compatible for Revit 2016 and above; this is a five part download:
Part 1: ALA – COU
Part 2: COU – LOC
Part 3: LOC – POO
Part 4: POO – SWC
Part 5: SWC – XRA

this can be found under the Revit Download category click here.

Earlier versions of the Revit Library are still available please contact Talon Solutions for further assistance: