ADB 2019 – Software Release

ADB 2019 contains additional functionality for Revit users, integration with Autodesk 2020 products (AutoCAD/Revit), new Microsoft SQL Server based licencing option.

To install ADB, the system must first be up-to-date with Windows Update, the Software release has two parts, new users need both parts.

(combine the contents of both downloaded packages into one folder)

Part one: ADBSetup.msi is the installation package.

Part two: is all the additional items new users will need.


  • COBieExport Example
  • Crystal Reports XI SP4 installer
  • Miscellaneous: ihs.cer
  • Revit: xml + ADB Shared Parameter file
  • SQLServer: Scripts and templates
  • Setup.bat: this will check Crystal Reports and install ADB

ADB Documentation 2019: The documentation has been made available as a separate download, please see documentation category.

** Upgrading users from earlier versions of ADB must run Post Upgrade **

** Please note all users will need to re-configure the AutoCAD and Revit add-ons, all versions.**

Remove previous versions and any Service pack/Hot fixes prior to installation.